Life Lesson by Aboubakar

January 30, 2020


Life Lesson

By reading the three stories: Everyday use, the lesson, and how to date a girl, I see they are all connect to each other.  These connections are based on the literature element we use to compare them. In this project, we will talk about how the three stories are connected to each other and how each of them is different from the rest. In everyday use, there is a mother who has two daughters Dee and Maggie. She loves more Dee than Maggie. She puts Dee at school and even sent her to an Interns to study. But Maggie was the one at home taking care of her mother. She never went to school, and she was always sad. She thinks that her sister life was better than her life. I may say that she was jealous. In the lesson, the protagonists was a kid living in a poor neighborhood with her friends. Some of them don’t have a house, and others don’t even go to school. I think Maggie’s mother doesn’t even care about her. The stories How to date a girl is about a boy who is learning how to date a girl from his elder brother. As we can see all these stories have a similarity part which is education. I think this is important to talk about education of children because the future depend to the children.  If we educate the kid very well their future will be fine and they will be able to make the future better. 

Based on the literature element of the narrator, we can say that Everyday Use is connected to how to date a girl because both narrators are learning something new from Someone else.  They are getting educations for the future. Everyday use is also connected to the lesson because both narrators are talking about their family. The narrators are learning from their mistakes. Each of them has a part that is not different from the other stories. For example, in everyday use, the narrator was a person who didn’t love her two daughters at the same time but at the end of the stories, she learns that because of her mistake, her second daughter was always sad, and lonely.  In the lesson the narrator was shellfish. In addition to that, the narrator didn’t want to learn something from outside of her neighborhood. In How to date a girl, the narrator wanted to help his younger boy.

In the literature element of the theme, the three stories are connected to each other because the objective of the narrators wanted to show the reader how connection between our life and the life of other people is important? Also, there is some part of each story different from the other stories. In the case of everyday use, the author wanted to tell us that when we love one of our children more than the other we can cause the destruction of the family. On how to date a girl the author wants to teach us that we need to have patience in order to do something good. In the lesson, the author demonstrates to us that we shouldn’t enemy with those who don’t love. And sometimes we should be friend with those we don’t like in order to go forward. 

These stories are also connected to each other according to their mood. Some part of everyday use and the lesson have the same mood which is sad. There are some similar moods between everyday use and how to date a girl that is: the mood of tense. As well as How to date and the lesson because of they both a part where the mood is tense. But overall they all have the mood of gloomy.

In conclusion, these stories are good to study in college or in high school, because it makes the student learn more about literature elements.

 MoteOo (Pixabay)