I think protesting against the national anthem is a good thing. They also say that it’s nothing against the soldiers. When they kneel for the national anthem I vision them going against all the problems we face as black people. For example police brutality. The main reason i would kneel is because we’re not being treated equal and the song has a whole racial part to it. So is it wrong to kneel? No, because it’s nothing against the soldiers it’s more about how we’re treated, and the whole song in general.

Protesting was influenced by a military veteran who talked with Colin Kaepernick and influenced him to sit. “He started his own thing with kneeling”. It all came to Donald Trump with war, and people fighting for freedom and to be equal, but they not being treated equal.

A lot of people who think it’s wrong to kneel during the national anthem either haven’t heard the full song or actually don’t know why people are doing it. After some heard the full song they said they fully support the protest and actually understand why we are kneeling.

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  1. Eric 3 years ago

    I am satisfied with your post because your topic is delivered and explained for not only African Americans, but also whites and or others that cannot relate. You state the problems that are addressed by the knee taking during the national anthem and explain them.

    One thing you said that stands out for me is “it’s nothing against the soldiers it’s more about how we’re treated.” I think this is enlightening because a lot of people misunderstand the message being sent by kneeling during the anthem. You are right; it is about our people not being treated right and not about our U.S. soldiers.

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