Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez,

I am capturing, and shaking up about, your instagram video because, people in the government never used to motivate youth people to fight for their rights, for new things to come, to improve the society system that affects all of us economically, mentally and physically too. 

One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Let me tell you something: you are the government! Like, as a democracy, we the people mean you. You are a voter, you are the government too.” I think this  is a powerful argument because every single person who works in the government is there just to work for us, to make changes in the community. We choose then because we believe that they are going to do things better, that they would listen to what all people say. That’s the way democracy works, no matter our experiences or ages we have the authority over the nation too we also need to be heard that youth should be considerate. 

Recently I was looking at videos by young activists, and one of them is a good example of what I’m saying here. I’m especially inspired by this video on Youtube called “Youth and Democracy here is the link explain how youth people’s opinions have been denied from politics, their voices are not included, they are seen as people without knowledge or without enough experiences to participate in important topics or even make decisions that are being made for them. We can see how both videos want to motivate youth people to raise their voice. It is so interesting that youth people are not always willing to participate in elections or vote. 

One of my best quotes from this video is “the negative stigma around youth from society that youth are considered inexperienced and qualified to make decisions on behalf of the whole nation”  As I said in the previous youth people should be allowed to say their opinion and ideas to the people who in power learn from each other. Different ages are not an obstacle to make great and unique choices that can help our society.   

This is basically saying that youth people should wake up and demonstrate we also have great ideas that should be considerate in the government. Our society needs to be more open so anyone can have a free opinion without being refused. 

I’ve also been learning about how youth people have drivesocial changes like social movements like the Civil Rights Movement, Environmental Movement, Black Lives Matter. We see how teenagers can cause a big impact in today’s society too. I think history is a good way to remember that our generation can make changes too that we are not the excision. I agree that we have so much work to do improving our society if we are together everything is going to be easy. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I look forward to seeing what you do or say next. Kind regardless I would like you to keep pushing youth people to raise their voices.

Finally, I want to share with you another example of youth activism. This video also informs and inspires me because pushing youth people to work hard even if they don’t have anything by just using our minds and what we have in our surroundings is enough. Ann Makosinski said ” you have more opportunity and time to create when you have less.” I believe that she is saying the truth and this quote really challenged me and started to make the difference without having too much to start. 

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