A Divided Nation… The Beginning of the End? by Maggie

November 4, 2019


A Divided Nation… The Beginning of the End?

Our nation is in a crisis. The political party divide has become almost violent and the citizens of our country are more hostile towards their political opponents than ever before. I’m not saying that political parties are bad, teaming up is in out human nature; it’s a pack mentality. It is when these “packs” becaome violent and hostile towards eachother that it can become deadly. 

Looking at our politics today, there is a lot of argument over what information is true, and what is molded to make people look a certain way. It was just a couple of weeks ago that our own president, a Republican, tweeted about how hostile the Democratic house  of representatives was for looking into impeachment on him and even comparing it to a lynching. It is when we look into the media spread about this tweet that we can truly see the divide of party throughout the country.

First we look at an article by Fox News that reports the tweet. Because this is a mostly republican news source, there is little bias or oppinionated comments about the tweet. But, if you look at other articles published by the same company, like this one about Speaker house Nancy Pelosi, a democrat, the author makes blatant insults toward the entire democratic party, reffering to them as, “Pelosi and her henchmen,” and calling the impeachment inquiry an, “assault by the Democratic speaker.” By looking at these two articles from the same source. It is easy to see that they are willing to say a lot in defense of themselves but little when they are in the wrong.

Next we look at an article by CNN about the same impeachment tweet. CNN is a well known Democratic news source. This article uses more subtle ways to vilainize their Republican counterparts but it is noticeable in some sentances like, “Trump’s use of the term is also notable as he has frequently stoked racial tensions while in office.” They speak about the parties, and the president, like members of rival teams which is also noticable when they say, “Another top Trump ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham, was more vociferous in his defense.” Verbiage like this of ‘allies’ is what is causing the issues in Washington D.C. and in everyday American life everywhere.

The hostility and polarization of politics today is slowly destroying our countries unity and nationalism. The Civil War that is being created between the Democrats and the Republicans is beginning to sound dangerous and it could be the down fall of the land of the free.