In this article about being a vegetarian, I got a deeper understanding of the pros of being a vegetarian. I find it hard that people can get enough protein in their bodies to live without eating meat. But now I realize that there is a list of benefits for being vegetarian. One of those benefits is that it helps out our environment. To process meat, it takes a lot of water and harmful chemicals that eventually make it into our atmosphere. Also by not eating meat, you do not contribute to animal cruelty that most of these animals have to endure. You can get a lot of protein from plant products and other non-meat foods.

I believe that the hardest part of becoming vegetarian is finding foods that supply you with a lot of proteins. I learned that meat is the most convenient protein source available. So finding other sources would be pretty hard. But after reading this article, it states that according to the “American Dietetic Association, a vegetarian diet provides all of the needed proteins and amino acids for your body”. Overgrazing livestock hurts the environment found unsuitable for farming. It harms the environment by erosion and farm runoff into the oceans/rivers. By having a lot of animals in one place, the ground gets compacted and disturbed which makes it unsuitable for farming. 

Your diet is a pretty important part of your lifestyle. Depending on what you do on a day to day basis your body may need different foods. Some people choose to become vegetarian, maybe for health reasons or by choice. The same goes for other diets. By reading these articles I learned the health benefits of different diets that I was not too familiar with. And I wanted to state some pros and cons of each

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February 6, 2020 7:55 pm

Dear Sydney, I really liked this article because it talked about a lot of things that I do in my everyday life. This sentence caught my attention, “I believe that the hardest part of becoming vegetarian is finding foods that supply you with a lot of proteins”. The reason that this sentence caught my attention is because I myself workout, and I’m currently cutting and not bulking, so I try to find healthier ways to get protein, healthier ways than meats and fish. Hopefully you can recommend me some good healthy protein options. I loved this article and I hope to read more from you in the future.

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