A Change for the Better


“Pues mi niñas los vamos!” All I heard from my father’s mouth.

My dad told me that we had to move because he had gotten a new job.

The only things going through my head at the moment was,

New Environment.

New School.

New Friends.

I took a moment of silence to realize that I was really moving from my hometown…

All the memories that, as a family we’ve planted here, are going to be gone.

All these memories had a great meaning in my life

and I was pretty scared to start new ones somewhere else that I really didn’t know.

All my childhood memories in Los Angeles made me feel,




This big change in my life was pretty damn hectic for a 3rd grader becoming a 4th grader.

But as a strong little girl I had said to myself,

“You have to prepare yourself mentally for a big step you are taking.”

But in many words I was too scared to even think for myself because as a young kid I didn’t know if this change would be useless or good.

My feeling were all over the place I felt,




The day before leaving I went into my mother’s room

and asked her if she can give me reasons why we had to leave.

But as always she would tend to ignore the fact that she as well had to leave her family behind. My mother would stay in her room crying for hours because she didn’t want to leave.

My father said this is the best for us because we get to start fresh

and he needed a job that would help and benefit us all and I would think,




Was there anyway that I could’ve prevent this from happening?

As we were getting ready for the 7 hour drive, everyone was saying goodbye to each other.

But me knowing I didn’t want to cry no more I just hopped in the U- Haul truck and ready to leave.

As we were catching the free way I was feeling more,



Heart Broken.

The ride to Oakland was nothing but silence with my parents. With 3 kids and 1 one the way my mother was holding up with everything just fine.

A few more hours later we had gotten to our new city and home… I just wanted to scream and cry.

But at the end I wanted for everything to be,




As I was getting ready to unpack my things to take to my room I was thinking where am I sleeping. Surprise!  I didn’t know I was actually going to have my own room for the one time in my life. It was pretty exciting. I was also happy that I had a home where I can keep my dogs that I had brought from Los Angeles. My dogs were happy and running around. The summer flew very fast and it was almost time to start school,




It was late August when all the kids were ready to go to school. I was wearing my uniform just like I use to do when I went to my old school. I said to my mom,” Ama yo no quiero ir, que tal si me tratan diferente que los de más?” Despite the fact that my dad wasn’t going with my mom to drop us off it was pretty nerve wracking. My dad was also heading to work at the moment I wished him,




As I was heading in people were looking at me like I was at the wrong school, but it was because I was wearing my uniform and I didn’t know the dress code. I was getting teased in the beginning of my 4th grade year, but I manage to not get those nasty word to me. As the time went by everything was going great for my dad he got promoted and till now he is his own boss. I am currently a senior in high school ready to make it out and we might have moved from our first house but we are ready to call a house ours soon.

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March 27, 2018 4:17 am

Dear Joanna
Wow!!! I really enjoyed reading your writing. I loved the Spanish dialogue you put in. It made it more interesting. I’m glad you shared this moment/ event with me and everyone else. Goood job! …

March 25, 2018 5:18 am

Dear Joanna,
I like the piece you have decided to share, change is always hard to go through with. I struggle with change too. I like how you intwine your own feelings along with those of your family. I hope you still have those connections with whomever you knew in LA, and that the memories you made being in Oakland have been just as great. This story was amazing, and I’m glad you are good at adapting to these changes.

March 24, 2018 3:30 am

I like your writing piece I think it is very sincere and something very relatable. I had to go through a change too but I am glad things got better for the both of us. Change can always be good for people.
Besides the story I like the structure of your writing. I think its very clear how you did verses and then words to describe something. I think this is a very creative writing style.
I hope to keep reading your writing!

March 23, 2018 9:51 pm

dear joanna,
I believe that you did a great job and that you have a great topic. i believe that this was a great topic and that your evidence was great. this is a really good blog

March 23, 2018 9:32 pm

Dear Joana,
Your piece was great I feel like many people can relate to it.

March 23, 2018 3:57 pm

Dear Joana,
I can relate to this, I have also had to go through a change like this and I will have to again soon when I move in a couple of months or some years. However, I hope that everything is going well so far.

March 23, 2018 3:57 pm

Dear Joanna,
I like your writing piece because your writing piece is like a mix of both poem and story. I like the line, “A few more hours later we had gotten to our new city and home… I just wanted to scream and cry.
But at the end I wanted for everything to be, Fine. Good. Better.” I like that line because it really shows how although you didn’t want to move away, you were still trying to hold up and think the best. I hope to see more of your writing pieces in the future.

March 23, 2018 12:48 am

Dear Joanna,
I can strongly agree with what it was like moving from a place you’ve lived at for a really long time. I felt the same way but once I figured we moved for the better, it all got easier to process.

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