Despite the stresses of our everyday lives, we always tend to find comfort as the day comes to a close. There is typically a specific thing that eases one’s physical and mental tensions, which can be considered a pilgrimage. This meaningful “journey” does not necessarily have to be a physical one, and by no means does a person have to be religious to embark on one; rather, pilgrimage gives us an opportunity to cleanse our minds and reconnect with our ambitions, guiding us back on the right path. In the busyness of the chaotic world around us, it is critical to seek guidance and relaxation to rejuvenate our minds through pilgrimage. 

Challenges in life are inevitable, but it is in how we overcome them that our lives are transformed. A pilgrimage is much more than just the joys brought about by reaching your destination and the desired purified state of mind. In addition to this delight, adversity is an equal component to pilgrimage. Each day of a person’s life, obstacles are presented, but it is important to not become “enslaved to their existence” and instead use them as “opportunities for growth,” learning lessons from the past and implementing them into the future (Ellman). In doing this, a person adopts the perspective of a pilgrim, a mindset characterized by optimism, positivity, and adaptability. This mindset is especially important because it teaches a person to not be encapsulated in their failures, but rather to seek inspiration as an escape from the negativity penetrating their brain. By addressing challenges using this perspective, pilgrimage can be a “life-changing, transformational experience,” serving as more than just a cleansing of mind and calling for a “greater appreciation for life’s gifts” (“Why Pilgrimage?”). Especially in times of hardship, it is important to take a step back and give thanks for all of the blessings given to you. Therefore, it is important to seek pilgrimage, even if it is not a physical journey, because it illuminates the journey of life and serves as removal from everyday struggles, awakening people to all of the beauty and positivity around them. 

In the complicated world we live in, each person should seek pilgrimage in order to find gratitude in the most unfortunate circumstances. This will not only contribute to the well being of the individual, but, even greater, it will support the common good of the surrounding society as well. Therefore, each person should accept their call to pilgrimage in order to benefit their society and improve its overall values. 

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  1. Kaileigh 3 months ago

    Dear Brooke,
    I was very interested in reading your article titled “A Call to Pilgrimage.” What intrigued me the most was the fact that you focused on a different aspect of a pilgrimage that many necessarily don’t focus on. Rather than the religious aspect, you voiced a pilgrimage “gives us an opportunity to cleanse our minds and reconnect with our ambitions, guiding us back on the right path.” I have never thought of a pilgrimage as simply the journey of life. Especially in today’s world, I think everyone could benefit from this article and take a step back from their lives to get perspective and cleanse their minds. Thanks for writing this article, can’t wait to read more from you soon!

  2. Anna 3 months ago

    Dear Brooke,
    I was interested about your post because I wanted to understand your perspective on what the ‘call to pilgrimage’ is. I really liked how you specified that a pilgrimage does not have to a religious journey which is what I originally thought pilgrimages to be. One thing that stands out to me is your phrase “it is important to step back and give thanks to all the blessings given to you” because it opened my eyes that pilgrimage is not only about gaining experience but reflecting on the ones one had prior to the journey. Your post reminds me of my own essay on pilgrimage as I also concluded with the idea that it is important one go on a pilgrimage to improve oneself and the world around him or her. I think it is important that any journey, trial, or experience one goes through and grows from it be shared with the world so all can benefit from it, and I believe you did a good job of capturing that thought. Thank you for writing about this topic, and I hope to see more of writing soon to learn more about your perspective on the world.

  3. Alex 3 months ago

    I really like your tone throughout your post. You have a very inspiring and optimistic voice that makes your words very pleasant to read. I also really enjoyed how you tied everyday struggles and stress into your topic and gave examples of how we can take those experiences and use them to help change us into better people.

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