A bus designated for sleeping? by Araceli

December 14, 2021


A bus designated for sleeping?

In the article, “This Tour Is a Real Snooze” (Upfront) I learned that Hong Kong’s Ulu Travel company actually wants you to take a nap during its new tour. This is interesting because it begins with a big meal to encourage drowsiness which makes the passengers tuck themselves in. The double-decker bus ride is 47 miles, a 5-hour long ride. Many of the passengers come prepared with blankets, pillows, and slippers.

I would have never thought of a bus being specifically for sleeping. It´s interesting to see the different things people come up with. The ride is as low as $17 which I think is not bad at all. The companies idea to do this was a hit to the passengers. This should be available in more places around the world.  

What do you think about the double-decker bus designated for passengers to sleep on?