Countering Assumptions by Armando

October 21, 2019


Countering Assumptions

This Shadow Box represents my Counter Narratives. When people look at me, they see a young male that looks comforting in the places he goes because of  how he smiles. This is connected to me and are my assigned Identities. I see myself as a young, hard working male that loves to do many activities such as hiking, rock climbing, swimming, exploring, and bike riding. I chose to include all the items that I discussed because it explains a large amount about my Chosen Identities and because I love participating in these activities. All this is important to me because people can see my life inside that shadow box and the activities that I do. From the inside, I added all the important objects about me which are Counter Narratives, while the Dominant Narratives are on the outside which shows about people‚Äôs assumptions about us Mexican people. Although I have many struggles in my life, I find a way to solve them, and this is one way. Welcome to my shadow box.