Why do people hate ?

A lot things that go on in your neighborhood

A lot of people have passed away

due to conflict.

 a lot of people that are enemies.

your only there to observe it with your own eyes.

If you lived a life where all you see is violence.

You have to put it in your own perspective.

You have to know the streets you walk by.

You have to be careful what you wear.

You have to know the type of people You are by.

You also have to live out conflict yourself.

A lot of things that You have to go through.

And the things that You go through make you the person You are now.

You can’t trust No-one because this entire world can be filled with snakes.

You have to live in a world thinking to believe other people’s lies.

Some people think that every good thing that happens is a miracle.

When you are born into this planet you seem to believe everything that people tell you is true.

But in different time does it really matter. People say that every day will be better. I believe that is a false statement because every day is the same until you do something about it yourself. Most of the people you know are going to die If you die you are escaping every problem you have.

Dieing is painless because you are escaping the lies and every snake in this world You have to hate because that is a way you can get your point across.


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December 11, 2018 10:44 pm

Dear, Ja’kari
I am amazed by your poem. “Why do people hate?” because it talks about things that are real and I feel a lot of people can relate to.As well some of the metaphors you use like the snake one.One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you talk about other people and like what they say.I think this is interesting because it’s true in some people’s lives and some not.Another reason why is because its talking about something that is real and I feel I can relate to it in a way.Another part I liked is where well just the whole poem in general because although its controversial your giving your own opinion.As well, you give your perspective and that is very important in a poem.

Thanks for your poem I look forward to seeing what you do next because your poems are good and you talk about real things like i’ve said and in a way me personally I can relate.As well it’s just good over all.

December 6, 2018 6:10 pm

dear jaikari,
thankyou so much for sharing your poetry, a line that stood out to me was ´´You have to put it into your own perspective.¨ i connect to your poem because I know sometimes you have to go through things alone. I thought you have a lot of courage posting a poem like this and i think this is really good. thankyou so much for writing this poem and I look forward to reading your other posts.


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