My Beautiful Neighborhood(Rego Park) by Muyar Khant

April 15, 2019


My Beautiful Neighborhood(Rego Park)



I think before Rego Park was not good in transportation and there is not much shops and stores. The traffic is really bad and the traffic light is not good too. There is no bicycle lane too. So many water are in the road when it is rain because of drain. I don’t know that much about past because i didn’t live in.



My name is Muyar Khant Naing. I live in Rego Park. Rego Park is in the Queens. There is train stations and bus stops. So it is not difficult in transporting. There is Macys, Queens Center, Marshalls and Century 21.This is easy for people for to make shopping. And there is so many 99$ store and the shop that we can buy vegetables.

Rego Park is also near with Jackson Heights and Forest Hills. As we near with jackson Heights,we can buy the different foods easily in one place. The favourite place for me in my neighbourhood is the Queens center mall. As I like to shop, there are a lot of my favourite stores in this mall. For example,Forever 21 and H&M. There are 16 high schools in Rego Park. So the students from Rego Park have a lot of choice to decide what school they want to go to.


I hope future Rego Park will be more good,more developed and more good in everything. And i hope they can fix the problem of traffic. Most of the school from Rego Park have the top ranken and it’s really good for the children. It’s become crowded with so many people.