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My name is Abigail Isiordia, I’m a tenth grader at Oakland Unity High School and we’ve been reading about Robotics and artificial intelligence in my English class. We’ve talked about the chances that these technologies might make the world worse or better. I believe that it will make the world both worse and better in their own ways.

I believe this because according to the movie called “I Robot” they point out how the robots that were suppose to help humanity be better, they instead become the enemies and started to hurt people and started to tell them what to do as if they were the owners of humanity. This happens because according to the main robot in charge and advanced, she says that humanity needs to learn how to act and if they keep going the path their going toward, they will not last long in this world. So she thinks that their kind if way more intelligent and better than the human kind.  However, there is only one good robot in the movie that is trying to help humans fight the bad ones. But if we think about it, if this kind of technology was to be true and is about to happen, image how many bad robots/ machines there will be compared to the good, non harmful robots/ machines. Some people might even say how this would be possible if they are way more intelligent and advanced than we are, that they would never be able to make a mistake because of how advanced they are. I believe that it would depend on the person behind the robot who matters. Maybe they will be created to kill and wash out bad people, and I believe that technology that is about to come is going to cause harm in this world.

Its very hard to believe that this kind of stuff could happen right? but in the article titled “In Defense of Killer Robots” by Rosa Brooks she states, “The core concern relates to military research into weapons systems that are ‘fully autonomous,’ meaning that they can ‘select and engage targets without human intervention’ .” This quote that she stated basically explained itself, but in other words the robots/ machines that will be created later on, will attack humans with out our consent even if we order them not to they will just simply attack. I wouldn’t say that robots will “enslave” humans but I do think that they will cause harm to the humans. In this other article called “Our Robotic Future” it states, “Our society is already seeing signs of both possibilities: robots and drones are being used on battlefields, while elsewhere robots are being used as rescue workers, caregivers, and even as pets. Robots seem to be just as good or evil as their human creators choose, which is perhaps what worries us.” What the author stated here is actually very true. I believe that everything has a good and a bad side to it. Like I said before I believe it all depends on the person behind the robots and/ or machines. 



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