Hello my name is Sabina and I’m a 10th grader at Oakland Unity High School. I do believe robots will lead an uprising and enslave humanity in the future because robots are able to do more things faster and better compare to what humans do. I also don’t believe robots will lead an uprising and enslave humanity in the future because humans can create robots who are skilled enough to help humans and to be something to the owner, a friend.

I do believe it would be good idea if robots lead and uprising and enslave humanity because robots are created to do more things a human can’t do in certain jobs. Robots are tend to be programed to have better skills and have better  intelligence compared to a human which robots can replace humans from their jobs in industries because they work faster with no mistakes. In the article, “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will And Must Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly states, “Speedy bots able to lift 150 pounds all day long will retrieve boxes, sort them, and load them onto trucks”. By this robots can lead an uprising and enslave humanity in the future because robots can do better than humans by getting the job done faster than humans could without them getting injured and do so much more than a human can possibly do.

I also don’t believe it’s a good idea that robots lead an uprising and enslave humanity because humans can create robots to help them and also create them to be friends with humanity. Robots being friends with humans isn’t a bad idea because that could change so many things to humanity in a good way. In the article, “Are Humans Necessary” by Margaret Atwood, states “The writer Susan Swan has a story in which the female character creates a man robot called “Manny,” complete with cooking skills and compassion circuits, who’s everything a girl could wish for….”. This explains if robots were created to have skills as a human they could be our little helper in what we need and someone you feel satisfaction because of their skills like if the robot was actual human which can bring us humans and robots become friends.

In conclusion, robots should and shouldn’t lead and uprising and enslave humanity in the future. How we humans do our work in industries can be done so much faster and proficiently by a robot could replace us for more. Robots not only to be created to do better than us but also be created to be our friend who helps us when we need help. No one really knows what is going to happen in the future but I say these two opinions of mines if robots should or should not lead an uprising and enslave humanity will be the question in the future for instance what will be the best positive impact for us humans. A helper for humans? or A robot who surpasses humans?


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