Animal experimentation = Animal cruelty by Melody

March 22, 2018


Animal experimentation = Animal cruelty

I believe that animal experimentation is the same thing as animal cruelty depending on how they treat the animals. The reason that this is an important topic I chose to write about is that some people say that animal experimentation is beneficial to today’s discoveries and I couldn’t agree more but do people think about what happens behind the scenes that lead to finding that cure which is animal experimentation. Although there are scientist and doctors who do respect and care for the animals and make sure that they aren’t in as much pain. There are two major laws that protect against animal cruelty. People confuse experimentation as a sign to hurt and break animals to figure out data which equals animal cruelty.

The first major law that protects animals is called The Animal Welfare Act. “The Animal Welfare Act was signed into law in 1966. It is the only Federal law in the United States that regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers”(United State’s Department of Agriculture). This quote is explaining how the law was approved in 1966 because people also felt that protecting the animals was ethical. The quote also explains how this law protects animals that are being used for research, exhibition, transport, and dealers. The law was enforced by USDA, APHIS, Animal care. The second law that was enforced is called Humane Methods of Slaughter Act the law says that the animals that are food to us and being slaughtered at human hands requires proper treatment and human handling. This law was passed in 1978 the original date that the law was passed was 1958. Animals should be cared for even if they do become our food they should at least be handled in a good way. “Originally passed in 1958, the law that is enforced today by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) was passed as the Humane Slaughter Act of 1978”(United State’s Department of Agriculture). This quote is saying that there was a first law that was put in place before the humane act but was then turned into the humane law Which was passed by this new generation.

There are laws that protect animal cruelty. And I do believe that animal experimentation is the same thing as animal cruelty depending on how you treat the animals. Animals are the ones that suffer and yes it is beneficial because we do get data from animals but we should also be looking for more ways to decrease the amount of animals being used in experiments “Animal models are often used to test the effectiveness of a drug or procedure before proceeding to clinical trials”(Roberts, Kwan,Evans,Haig) this quote is explaining how animals are being used to test drugs that might not even be effective to the health world and when they are not effective you just end up taking a life. Just because animals are not humans that doesn’t mean that they don’t have rights they have a heart and as long as it beasts they deserve to be on this planet because no one has the right to take a life, animal or not. “Moreover, if animal experiments fail to inform medical research then the animals suffer unnecessarily”(Roberts, Kwan,Evans,Haig). This quote is saying that if animal experiments go wrong and there’s no way to bring Back the animal and even if there ways the animal would probably come back with side effects and would have to be killed anyway because know the animal won’t be useful. That way is why we are one day going to have less and less animals.

Animal abuse is terrible and yes animals also get abused in medical fields “These facilities imprison millions of animals and squander billions in taxpayer dollars and charitable donations each year to conduct cruel experiments that cause immense pain and misery and are irrelevant to human health” (PETA). This quote matters because it is saying that the medical field does abuse animals in animal experimentations. This quote is also saying how the data is irrelevant to human health. The reason that this topic is so important is because doctors and people in the medical field sometimes take advantage of animals because they can’t speak so they can’t stand up for themselves but I’m sure that if they could they wouldn’t let themselves be taken advantage of especially when the results and data are irrelevant. This connects to something I learned about called the syphilis study this connects because the African American men were taken advantage of just like the animals and I know that animals aren’t humans but they do have a beating heart. What is your definition of being alive?

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