Family dynamics

Tears running down our faces
No one expected it to come this soon
We knew he was sick
But it was still to soon

We got a call from Mexico
All we heard was sobbing from the phone
The only thing that was able to come out there mouth was
“Our dad has passed away”(my grandpa has passed away)

Not knowing what to do
Not knowing what to say
All I heard was my dad saying I have to go
Without a hesitation he startedd packing his things
Without hesitation he bought his plane ticket

The feeling of someone important in your life passing away is like a bullet to the brain
Unbearable to deal with

We all asked if we could could go
He repeatedly told us no
Not knowing why
But from the look on his face we understood

When they came back
Nothing felt the same

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March 11, 2018 9:20 am

Dear Flavio,

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa passing away. You did a really good job of turning that traumatic event into a beautifully written piece. It must have been hard speaking about this topic but I appreciate you for doing so.

Vesna Sot

March 10, 2018 8:20 am

Dear Octavio, This poem showed a side of you, you usually would not see. I think this is a very deep poem. I like the line, “The feeling of someone important in your life passing away is like a bullet to the brain” I like this line because, I can really relate to it.

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