Recent patterns of hurricanes have sparked fear and panic across the world. After events like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey causing billions of dollars of damage and costing many people their homes and even their lives, people have become very worried about the patterns of hurricanes. In the article by Time Magazine, “5 Ways Hurricanes May Make Storms Worse,” scientists discuss five factors that play into the intensifying patterns of storms.

One major factor is hot air. As air warms, it rises and creates low pressure beneath it, which acts as a suction and draws in more warm, surrounding air. When this happens over the ocean, the hot air begins to carry water with it, which makes for another dangerous factor, warm water. Warm water provides the storm with the fuel it needs to continue churning and growing. Dangerous currents due to warm water rerouting or slowing down currents can steer these storms into areas that would be detrimental to human life. Deep oceans create massive storm surges that could cause devastating damage. Clear air allows for the earth to heat faster because there are no pollutants obstructing UV rays, which ultimately intensify hurricane patterns.

Even though, we cannot say that climate change is causing more hurricanes, we can definitely say that effects of climate change are intensifying storm patterns of hurricanes.

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February 9, 2018 7:55 pm

Hurricanes were all the rage last fall, and I feel like they’re only getting worse. This is an important issue that people need to be aware about. I feel like the general attitude towards climate change is that it’s a bummer that it’s happening but to fix it would be too much work. In addition, I get the feeling that climate change’s effects are often downplayed or outright denied by opposing groups, turning the scientific issue of climate change to a political one. When we get blasted by 4 high power hurricanes in one fall, that is a very real, and very dangerous result of our carelessness.
heres a link on ways to get involved.

February 9, 2018 7:44 pm

this is a great topic that you have and I have found it very interesting. I think it is cool how you are concerned about our planet and the lives of others. I am excited to see what else you find on this topic.

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