Should euthanasia be permitted in hospitals? by Srihita

November 17, 2017


Should euthanasia be permitted in hospitals?

For my research project that I will be writing in my Expository Writing class, I want to research the topic of euthanasia and more specifically, if euthanasia should be permitted in all hospitals. This topic is quite interesting because it is a controversial issue when it comes to the medical field and many people feel conflicted when this issue is raised. This topic is interesting to me because I’ve read a true story about a woman who attended a “Right to Die Party” which ended with her friend, who was diagnosed with ALS, getting injected with lethal drugs that would end her life. She describes the two day event and how unusual the whole situation was. After reading this, I looked into the topic of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide and found out that these procedures are illegal in most parts of the United States. I want to look into this topic and explore different people’s opinions of this issue and whether these procedures should or should not be permitted. I plan on surveying people across the country as well as the people in my school and looking at why they believe what they believe and whether their opinion changes depending on the person placed in the situation or the situation itself. I will also ask doctors and other medical professionals about their stance on this issue and see if they have any additional information to add to this subject. If you have any questions or ideas that you think I should address, let me know!

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