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Dear Future President,

Stress,depression,anxiety,fear, and anger, these things  start to retreat. For a student having this negativity lifted away is money in the bank. When someone is suffering they can’t create something new and amazing with the same old boring routine. Homework has been around longer than school. More and more students are being diagnosed with mental illnesses due to so much pressure to be the “perfect” student.


Homework is the main cause of stress for students in school. At Stanford they did a survey on the students about homework and here where the results: 56% of the students said homework was the primary source of stress, 43% viewed test as primary stressor, 33% put pressure to get good grades in the category, and less than 1% of the students said homework wasn’t a stressor. Stress can lead to high blood pressure,heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, low energy, headaches/migraines,insomnia, upset diarrhoea,constipation,nausea,aches,pain,tense muscles,etc. No one should have to go through all of that,especially not for some pieces of paper and “A” letter.


When students are overwhelmed with homework, they usually aren’t spending much time with their family members. Also teenagers tend to get really really annoyed when they are doing so much work and when their mom or dad comes into their room nagging them about chores, that’s usually the point where they snap or break down because they have so much built up frustration that they flip out at the littlest things, and they end up taking it out on their parents. This of course will cause a conflict in the household. Some teens may even start to become rebellious.

Lastly, having less homework causes students grades to actually increase. It may sound crazy but it’s actually true. A study by a group of Australian researchers found that the average scores of relating to students’ academic performances against the amount of homework dished out at the end of the school day, showed clearly that when more time was spent on homework students were getting lower grades. This is very interesting considering that homework is supposed to “help” us. Why waste time on homework when it isn’t doing anything but setting us up for failure!?!

To conclude, homework should just be banned in all. If it’s causing so many problems why not? Kids are being diagnosed with health problems that could actually kill them. Like all of the other problems we’ve had in the world we can actually do something to stop this madness. Let’s make education fun again.  


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