I do support cloning to a certain extent. I say to a certain extent because it can be very useful when it comes to medicine  but at the same time it can be very dangerous when cloning mammals. There should be laws passed to limit the amount of times you can clone something because  if you clone something too many times you can end up hurting the original copy. I think before this  can be Implemented when should do more research and find out more side effects to this.

Dear, Students

I think we should Implement cloning because it is very effective. It is very efficient we can use this in many different ways. For example if we implement cloning we would be able to make  more medicine for people who need things such as insulin or even use it to help cure cancer. If we use cloning to clone animals we would be able to make more  meats such as cows,pigs, and chicken for food. Farmers would be able to produce more meats at a higher and much safer way rather than forcing cows and other animals to breed which can take up to 283 days. Cloning can also be used for crops. We would be able to make much more crops in a more timely manner. These crops can be used for all type of things. With cloning we can make america a more efficient country  and that’s why  I believe we should implement cloning in America.

Sincerely, Ahmir from Fremont high




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