Dear Next President,

There are a lot of issues surrounding my community and all over the country about unfairness and inequality. For example, there have been a lot of crimes committed by the police, who are supposed to serve and protect us. They have shot and killed many African-Americans and have not been put on trial correctly.

As a brown skinned women living in an urban area I worry for many of my friends and family being the next victims. I suggest a change in court where we prosecute  these police officer who have committed these crimes with fairness and give justice to the families of these victims.

Another issue facing our society is deportation. Many of my family members have either been deported or have a  deportation order and many are in constant fear that they will be deported back to where they come from. You have to understand that none of us would want to leave our country but it is the poverty and the violence that forces us out and we come to this country for safety and to have a better future for ourselves and our family.

I understand that having millions of foreigners come to this country every year can be a problem economically and with resources but separating parents and family from their kids is also a problem. Latin Americans are hardworking people who do a lot of the hard work that most people don’t do and those are the kind of people that get deported. There are also a lot of Latin Americans who come here to slack off and cause trouble and my solution to the deportation of many innocent  people is to deport immigrants with criminal records and who have caused problems in this country.

I ask you these things because I am not the only one who feels that these problems should be fixed. I hope you can sympathize with me and help solve these troubles for me and for so many other people. You will be a great president, by the way.



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October 3, 2016 3:37 pm

Hi Valeria,
I very interested in your post. First of all, I really like the way you formatted it into a letter. I think this way it makes your argument a lot stronger because you can relate to the problem. It’s not hard to see that inequality is still a problem in America and that something needs to be done soon. Hopefully, as you stated above, whoever our next president is will address this problem and work to solving this issue.

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