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Relaxation: The Best Mindset

Introduction – Hi there, and welcome to my essay upon a personal belief of mine. In the essay that follows, I will explain my beliefs on the topic of relaxation and stress, and why I personally believe that relaxation is the best mindset a person can have.

In life, people are constantly stressing out over every little thing. Some people would argue that stress is a motivator, and thus it’s good for you. I would say I believe them to be right to an extent, but that by being stressed, you’re missing out on something far better: being chilled out, being relaxed, and a general sense of peace.

Being stressed out isn’t good for your health. You can get anxiety, ulcers, and other nasty things that can give you negative feedback loops. As such, I believe that one of the most important things in life is to not sweat the little things since sweating them will just stress you out. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and always used to be uptight about everything because of it. However, around maybe last year or so, something changed in me one day: I started being able to relax. It wasn’t something I had set out to do, just sort of a thing that happened, from a single, amazing meditation session. It gave me this inner peace: I believe everyone should seek that inner peace, and relax from the small things.

A relaxed mindset has helped me in my everyday life to no longer stress myself out with over the small details of life, and to more properly handle the big things, which is nice for a person that always worries like myself. For example, back in the day, I would text someone, and become immensely concerned if they didn’t text back within five or so minutes, assuming the worst. This would lead to me having a negative mindset in my life, causing me to spend most of my time worrying about things rather than enjoying life as I should.

When I gained a relaxed mindset, that slowly but surely began to turn around. My anxiety facing other people and worrying about responses just sort of vanished. I no longer struggled to give my opinion about subjects, or be open about things, or meeting new people: it was all so much easier. A relaxed mindset helped to provide some relief for me from my social anxiety and led me to become a more free-spirited person overall. I believe everyone should try to loosen up a bit, and get into a relaxed mindset.

Some people just can’t get relaxed, and that’s just fine. Relaxation is not an easy thing to achieve if you don’t know what you’re doing. In fact, some people even have a harder time relaxing when they actively try to do so rather than letting it happen naturally. For me, it was as simple as meditating for a period of time and finding a sort of inner peace that isn’t easily describable with words. For others, it might be a difficult lifelong task to become relaxed. And hey, that’s alright. Don’t sweat it. Relax about relaxing, and a peaceful, laid-back attitude will come to you, without a doubt.

Outro – There you have it. I truly hope you enjoyed my thoughts that I have presented here on the subject of relaxation, and why it is important in the everyday lives of individuals, especially myself. I implore you to continue to think about relaxation in the days to come and attempt to integrate it into your lifestyle.

Reflection upon project – Overall, I found this project to be a journey of sorts. I originally began writing this piece with a very formal tone, but upon sharing it with some of my peers, it was pointed out to me that this is an essay that’s meant to be personal! By formalizing it, I took away from who I am and how relaxation is to be demonstrated. As such, having a larger audience to give me insight upon my work and help me find my voice worked out fantastically. I also enjoyed the recording and editing process of the piece, as it helped me to give my voice, not only over a written document, but by actively speaking, and breathing life into this essay that I had crafted with my own hands and keyboard. In the end, this piece was highly profitable and enjoyable to write and helped me to find a better voice for who I am as a writer and as an orator.

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May 4, 2017 3:06 am

Hello Zachary, I agree with you on that “relax mindset is a good mindset.” With sports especially basketball you can’t have a negative mindset playing. If you have a bad mindset your jump shot will not go in. You wouldn’t be confident to dribble past defenders and score on them. Once you have a negative the game is over for you. This is why having a relax mindset is the best.

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