“My wife must move for Cassio to her mistress; I’ll set her on; Myself the while to draw the Moor apart, And bring him jump when he may Cassio find Soliciting his wife: Ay, that’s the way; Dull not device by coldness and delay” (Act2.3. line 370-375 )
“I’ll set her on; Myself the while to draw the Moor apart” this right here sounds like a trap to me bring back that “Web” metaphor and meaning he will use the Web to trap Othello in this case as the fly got trapped into the Web…maybe like a spider would do the person will jump on to the prey as the spider does to the fly when it catches a fly, since the spiders priority is spinning the fly in circle webbing the prey quickly so it wont have time to think and react. Thus like the fly no escape is possible, maybe that’s what the person who is trapping Othello is trying to do but in this case they want to trap Othello with word and lies and truths coming out at the same time to hit Othello and tie him up in all the confusion thus making him confused that he wouldn’t know where he’s at and while he’s in the stressful stages of being confused that’s when they quickly snatched Desdemona away from Othello and make Othello look bad but he would already be juggling , many things at once that he wouldn’t be able to solve a problem first thus putting an end to the love story between Othello and Desdemona and Desdemona is now open to any body’s love


“Let husbands know Their wives have sense like them; they see and smell And have their palates both for sweet and sour” (Act 4.3. lines 99-100)
Emilia Is sending a message to all the women readers potentially here. Her saying “ wives have sense like them “ she is trying to make a point where she think women and males are both the same. Following with “ they see and smell and have their palates both for sweet and sour” meaning both genders have the same parts of the body to see and smell different things the world has to offer. Emilia is making a strong statement here she not only stands up for all the wives that are treated less that what they worth but she wants them to know that yes both men and women have their up and downs in the marriage but it’s not always fair that they always have to Aid the male first and always and women don’t get aid to them and she is prob saying this because she can relate to this and how her and her husband aren’t doing well and how her husband is always first and how it’s always about him and his needs never about her needs

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