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Going into the Payback Challenge I assumed the difficulty by checking out other people’s playthroughs and learning  about the difficulty of debt and loans in my personal finance class. But man was it tough!

What I learned from the game was the importance of balancing out my grades   happiness.In my first playthrough there were many times where my happiness was in the red while my grades were good and vise versa. But my network/connections were mostly static.For example, I wasn’t doing to well in one of my math classes so I had chose to work harder which resulted in my happiness being nearly depleted.

What I will be able to apply to future experiences? Are the ability to know when and where its time to work and the time for fun.I actually played the game twice with the first playthrough at an extremely low GPA and the other at a high GPA with both being in a low amount of clubs and programs along with living in Pennsylvania. Of course I won both playthroughs but weirdly enough I got nearly the same amount of debt even though I had more opportunities with a higher GPA.My student loan debt was about $30,200 which was less than my starting salary of 43,850 so I did fine but i’m sure there were  specific ways to get rid of all your debt if not getting close to doing so but you didn’t get that here.

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March 22, 2023 11:48 pm


your post is very informative to those who aren’t familiar with the topic . I want to ask you was there a reason behind you assuming that Going into the Payback Challenge is difficult ?

March 22, 2023 11:26 pm

You sharing your experience can really benefit others decision making when they’re in this same spot.

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