In the text, “Appeals court allows Texas to keep Rio Grande barriers in place” by Guardian staff and agency,  September 8, 2023, sec. US news, the central idea is that the state patrols their border in harmful ways and no one stops it. In support of their central idea, the author writes  “A federal judge had ordered Texas on Wednesday to move the controversial line of floating buoys in what was seen as a tentative win for Joe Biden, after the US president’s administration sued the state.”.  This supports the central idea because it was ordered to remove the buoys yet somehow was disseminated by the state knowing it was wrong. The author also writes “Greg Abbott, has launched to deter migrants, including coils of razor wire placed along the riverbank and huge spending by Texas and other states on patrols, even though policing the international border is the responsibility of the federal government.” This supports their central idea because Greg Abbott will hurt immigrants with his traps but won’t be held accountable. A final piece of evidence that supports their central idea is when the author writes “ Although it may be easier to skirt around than the miles of razor wire is to cross, it has stirred the most controversy with its aggressive symbolism and has attracted fierce criticism from immigration and human rights advocates as well as environmentalists”.  This supports the central idea because it’s so clear to see that these immigrants are being stripped away from their human rights and no one seems to care enough to act, not even the ones in power to stop it.

From the United States perspective,  the buoys set up in Texas do serve their purpose and prevent immigrants from crossing the border. From the perspective of someone who believes in basic Human Rights more harm is being caused then there is good. I understand that the United States, specifically Texas may not like immigrants  crossing their land and they have the right to protect their country. Texas is allowed to border patrol their state but it was never stated that they can unreasonably kill immigrants. They may claim that the buoys are only traps set in place to prevent immigrants from continuing their journey and that it may only harm them a little. Although, realistically those buoys  will most likely injure immigrants to the point where they will need emergency assistance  or will die. The Texans officials who allowed these traps to be set in place may not directly be shooting a bullet at those immigrants but they are directly setting traps for those immigrants to be harmed or killed. This helps me answer my research question  “ Is the border between the U.S. and Mexico doing more harm than good?” because I can see how certain officials use border patrol to harm others. 

As I continue to learn about the border between the  U.S. and Mexico, I want to know more about what consequences the United States has for border patrol officials who are corrupt. 

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