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In the article, “Alone at the Boarder” by Patricia Smith, detention facilities for immigrants are in torture like conditions as they provide little to no treatment for younger children and adults.  The conditions in these facilities are harming as the people are in extreme cold temperatures and have sleep deprivation due to lights being on all 24 hours of the day.  Immigrants usually seek asylum in America for a better life and flee from horrible conditions in their own country, however Trump has seen these immigrants who flee as “criminals” and any misdemeanor one has made may result in family separation.  Family separation has been a significant topic as they’re only allowed to be separated for only 20 days, that statement however hasn’t been entirely true as children have been separated from their families for over a year.  Congress has given over 4 billion dollars to administrations to improve facility conditions as well as ensuring that families stay together.

The conditions in detention facilities demonstrate the atrocities immigrants have to experience in order to find asylum.  In hopes that the government uses the money from congress to improve facilities, this should’ve been a requirement from the beginning.  It needs to be a priority for families to stay together, especially when all they want is to start a new better life.  I hope the conditions and treatment of immigrants improve drastically.

Is the treatment of immigrants upsetting to you and how would you improve conditions?



  1. Ashley 2 days ago

    Dear Aaliyah
    I am sad about your post Conditions Of Being an Immigrant because I don’t think kids should be separated from their families and I don’t think they deserve those horrible conditions in facilities they stay at. I agree that these families just want a better life for their families.
    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me ¨Family separation has been a significant topic as they’re only allowed to be separated for only 20 days, that statement, however, hasn’t been entirely true as children have been separated from their families for over a year.¨I think this is upsetting to know because these families that have children are probably sad and hopeless they arent with there families. However, I do hope this stops and the conditions get better because no one deserves this.
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because these types of topics need to be known in our world.

  2. Anna 4 days ago

    This article was really well done and I think that it was really enlightening on about how the government treats immigrants. It explained well about what they go through and it’s horrible conditions. Trump has had a strong hold of what has happened to immigrants and their families and it has lead to many people being deported. I think that overall this article helped me better understand what goes on and you made some good strong points.

  3. Arsalan 5 days ago

    This article was incredibly enlightening as it uncovers the entirety of the monstrosities that foreigners need to suffer in camps set up outside the fringe. The treatment of outsiders and evacuees going to the United States has consistently been a hot catch point in legislative issues right up ’til the present time. President Trump conveys a solid migration strategy to the United States that has prompted the extradition of thousands of illicit migrants. This was an extremely fascinating article and the purposes of the outline that you made were extraordinary!

  4. Gus 6 days ago

    This article was extremely eye opening as it reveals all of the atrocities that immigrants have to endure in camps set up outside the boarder. The treatment of immigrants and refugees coming to the United States has always been a hot button topic in politics to this day. President Trump carries a strong immigration policy to the United States that has led to the deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants. This was a very interesting article and the points of summary that you made were great!

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