In the article, “The Race For A Vaccine” many scientists are focusing on creating a vaccine for coronavirus which turned into a global urgent mission. Barouch’s lab in Boston is one out of more than 100 teams of scientists around the globe desperately trying to develop a vaccine for coronavirus in a safe and effective way. Never before have so many scientists in so many nations been focused on one single vaccine. Dr. Dan Barouch, the center’s director and one of the main makers of the vaccine in the world states, “ I’m even more optimistic now than I was several months ago,” Although they are very close to developing this vaccine the truth is developing a vaccine that is safe and effective takes years or even decades. When vaccines prove to be successful after several rounds of human testing, it goes to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a safety review which is a process that can take a year. 

Personally I believe that there will not be a vaccine for coronavirus soon. For a vaccine to be effective it takes many rounds of testing and takes many precautions after. Although there are over 100 researchers focusing on a vaccine for this virus it will still take years to be created. If a vaccine were to be successful and out to the world not everyone would take it which would lead to the virus still being out there. This vaccine would most likely go out to the health-care workers first since they are at a higher risk due to them being exposed to people with COVID-19 and then out to the public. 

Do you think everyone would want to take a vaccine for coronavirus? 



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