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In the article “Are we ready for driverless cars?” I received a lot of interesting information from both points of view on this topic.

The article laid out reasons it will be productive like for the economy and can make transportation more efficient. They brought up good points on the topic of whether or not it should happen. It can help in so many ways like providing the disabled or the elderly a method of transportation. Voltwagin ford and industries in china all are in a plan to team up and make this wonderful idea a reality.

However, although there are many good reasons they should continue to invest money in car companies there are also an opposing side of people who do not want to make this the world they live in. They believe it is very dangerous. For example one of the first tests in 2016  a 40-year-old man was killed by one of the driverless cars. It is harmful to the citizens that use the product as well as the people that use these cars. they are unreliable because they are not trustworthy just as any tech is.

I believe this is a very cool idea that I would love to see happen. It sounds like it will make the driving world a safer place by making the roads less clustered and safer, as well as the laws being followed more. Now instead of giving your children, friends, or elderly family a ride, they will have access to their own transportation. This overall image sounds perfect, right

However, that’s the only way it will happen if it was PERFECT! The program should have no flaws and be one hundred percent before we trust these to be on road. We have seen what happens if we let this happen without a guarantee of the tragic accident in Arizona when a 40-year-old man was killed by one of these cars. so ultimately if the teams on this program can’t ensure the citizens a 100% guarantee then they should not be trusted.

 In closing, I will leave with this, technology  has been coming more and more into our lives making our lives easier but now it’s becoming more serious than ever. After all, we are now trusting them with our lives, so the future is coming but is it a good thing or a bad thing? it may seem minor but it’s a deadly decision.



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  1. Juan 3 hours ago

    Dear Andres,

    I am interested by your post, “Self-Driving Cars”, because it is technology has advanced throughout the years. It is impressive because of how those who aren’t capable to drive, can now access a form of transportation while following the law.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me came out in the very last paragraph where it states, ” the future is coming, is it a good thing or a bad thing?”. I think this is an interesting topic to talk about and by the way you acknowledge and emphasize this question, gets me more intrigued into your post.

    Thanks for your writing. I would love to hear more from you because this post was quite delightful. I would also love for you to keep telling more about your own personal ideas to the topic. Overall, great piece of writing! Very interesting!

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