Author: Kai

An Oral History with My Grandmother, Chen Lui

My grandmother lives in Fuzhou, China. Her name is Chen rui ro. She lives with my uncle, aunt, and two cousins.

My parents immigrated when I was 8 years old and I lived with my grandmother until I was 10 years old. She’s nice and would take me to the park. She would take me out to eat fish. When I go back to China, I stay with her.

My first memory of her is good. I can remember watching TV with her.  We watched drama movies while we drank soda.

Her new house is really big. It is bigger than the house that we lived in. It is also in Fuzhou.

I speak to her sometimes. Sometimes she goes outside but not every day. My grandmother makes more food for herself during Covid. My parents call her more often to see if she is ok.