Protesters run from percussion grenades and teargas Photograph: Carlos Gonzalez/AP


Stephanie, an 18-year-old, is a student who supports the protest “Black Lives Matter.” She believes it is finally time to stand up and fight for justice. 

Amber, a 20-year-old, is a student who supports the protest “Black Lives Matter.” She joins to fight for justice with her friends. She believes that the more people unite, the louder our voices will be.

Martin Luther King, Jr., a 37- year-old, is an activist who was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. King believed in non-violence.

Kimberly Jones, a 34-year-old, is an author and activist who supports “Black Lives Matter.” She believes that looting is okay to a point because of the history of violence against Blacks.


In Minneapolis, late May 2020 while the “Black Lives Matter” protest was going on. Stephanie was standing up with the rest of the crowd, angry, asking for justice. Kimberly Jones is standing across from Stephanie supporting the march but with different reasons. Kimberly thinks that looting is what it takes for the world to see the need for justice but Stephanie doesn’t agree.


(Kimberly approached Stephanie from across the street. Stephanie is standing with a cardboard sign that says “No justice no peace.”)


(Stephanie is scared because the police are using all types of methods to get people out.)

“Do you think they are actually going to hurt us?”


“Yes! If we stay here they might do. So let’s run!”

(Kimberly holds Stephanie’s hand as they run!)


I know it’s not nice or pretty, but some people feel this is the only way Black people can get what we’ve never been able to get. We have to protest, riot, loot, anything that will make people listen!


(Stephanie doesn’t feel right about what Kimberly is saying.)

I don’t think so! That’s burning down our own community and promoting violence.


(Amber is shocked by listening to Stephanie and Kimberly when they stopped from running.)


What do you think, Amber? After all you have said in the past that we should only do positive actions to build up our community. Do you agree with me or Kimberly?   

(Amber slowly moves next to Stephanie making it obvious she’s on Stephanie’s side.)


(Amber shows a sad face towards Kimber notting her face side to side. )

I believe the more people unite together, we will have a stronger voice and would make everyone listen to us!


I disagree with you, Amber! Do you know we make these owners from our daily stores rich? And us? We stay in the same business, dealing with these types of injustice!


But is doing those types of things going to get you rich?


You can go your way looting but I guarantee you, it would get you in trouble.


You are totally right!


So come on! Change your mind, think about it!


(Martin approaches while still listening to Stephanie, Amber & Kimberly)

I’ve been listening for some time now, and I think what these girls are telling you is right, look let me tell you something.

I’m still convinced that nonviolence is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people in their struggle for freedom and justice. I feel that violence will only create more social problems than they will solve. That in a real sense it is impracticable for the Negro to even think of mounting a violent revolution in the United States.”

The Other America, Martin Luther King, jr. (1967)


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