Author: Kadiatou

An Oral History with my sister Oumou in Guinea

This person is my sister who I spent my whole childhood with. She’s my family. We were living together until I was 10 years old. Then, in 2013 we separated because she got married but we were still seeing each other. Since I moved to New York in 2016 we don’t communicate a lot like usual.

My sister Oumou is so strong and helpful. My older sister is 26 and married at age 23. She loves helping people. For example every year she went into our village to take orphan children to raise as her own children. She raised my little brother because my mom was not there.

Oumou is a very strong lady even though there’s a lockdown she’s still working at home. She has a sewing machine to make clothes at home to keep her business going. Also she  makes  face masks for communicating for free to keep her neighbor safe during the Covid 19. The people are grateful because we don’t have good treatment in Guinea.

  1. Did  Conakry go on pause like NYC?
  2. How is the situation of the virus Conakry? 
  3. How do you feel about the quarantined?
  4. What do you do at home to spend your time?
  5. How’s life changed in Guinea during quarantine?
  6. How many people have died because of covid 19?

  • How do people manage the situation? 
  • Do you have access to everything you need?
  • What affects you the most about the country being in lockdown?
  • Do you feel like your government and (leader) are doing a good job?
  • Is your morning routine changed?
  • How has this lockdown impacted your life and family?
  • Does your eating health change? What was the hardest part during the quarantine? What was the hardest thing during Ramadan in the quarantine?