My friends are one of the important things in my life, which means Kensuse is one of the important people in my life I treat her as a sister that I never have because we tell each other everything. I still remember the first time we meet in middle school while I was afraid to talk with others and just take my hand, sit with me and talk, she started talking about the first time she has been to this school and people were talking to her in English and she just stands there, shaking her head like she understands a thing, while she had no idea what they were saying. That friend of mine is very special in fact all my friends are special in some ways.

My friend and I are still very close were still telling each other about every detail in our life, like when an author is writing an adventure book.  The only thing that is affecting each other during the COVID is that we can’t actually meet like we use to and because she has moved to another city. 

During the interview with my friend, this response particularly teaches us something about her experience with COVID that we also faced is.

What has been the most difficult thing for you during the COVID19?

“Going out was difficult for me because every time I want to go out I have to use a mask and am not used to it.”

When I was doing this project I thought to myself that it was a good way to know what exactly my friend feels during the COVID19, how she’s holding on and for me to remember good days we shared before the COVID19 and also to know if she needed to talk to me or anyone about something that happen to her lately.

These are histories she and I shared together and with our other friends.



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  1. Rhonda Hendrickson 3 months ago

    This is a very special friendship. I would like to hear more about why you guys are such good friends. I also have had friends that were like family to me, so I know how important a best friend can be. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of our friends. Great Job!

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