Juan is my grandpa and I have known him as long I can remember because he’s a father to me – my mom came to the United States when I was a baby and my grandparents raised me and I lived with them 12 years. Then, I came to the United States and lived with my mom. He was a good father to me, he works a lot, loving, he cares a lot about people. When he was young he was the president of the Caserio, (a small place where a few people live), and in this Caserio, there were a lot of poor people and my grandparents helped them to have a kitchen and bathrooms at their house. He’s cute, tall, has white hair, he always wears elegant clothes even when he is at home.  

These days, our relationship is good because he’s at home in El Salvador and he has time to talk with me when I want. He always asks me for my mom and the rest of the family, he makes sure we’re okay.

1- How do you feel about the quarantine, how is the situation of the virus in your city?

Depressed and sick. The situation is serious because there are more than two thousand infected and 25 dead.

2- What do you do at home to spend your time?

My hobby is watching my garden, feeding my animals, making preaching videos so that people in the church can hear the word of God and sleep.

3- Is there enough food?

Yes, there is food in stores thanks to God but things are expensive because products aren’t entering the stores because they don’t let food from another country enter. There are some things that are scarce but the basic is found.

4- In (city), what has changed under Coronavirus, and what has stayed the same?

What has changed is freedom and the economy. No one is working and everything is closed.

5-How do you manage this situation? Who/What has been your biggest support during this time?

 My children are my greatest support because they are pending from me and me from them.

6-What was the hardest part about the lock-down for you?  Were there any aspects to the quarantine that you enjoyed?

All parts are closed. I DO NOT enjoy this quarantine at all. Sometimes I can enjoy doing home repairs.

 Which themes you chose to discuss


-Which pandemics he had been trough 

-What you miss the most about me

Reflection of experience doing this project

This project was interesting in doing it because we gather information from our countries and we also learned from other countries. It was very interesting because we can compare countries and how they handle coronavirus.  Communicating with my grandpa while this project was something different because I was asking too many questions but it was fun. He likes to answer questions but I don’t like to ask too much. But I had fun doing this project.

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  1. Rhonda Hendrickson 2 months ago

    This was a very interesting project. you grandpa looks very handsome and elegant in his picture. I hope he can keep helping the poor people in his town. From your project, I can tell that his religion is very important to him. I hope that he stays healthy and happy through This COVID 19 pandemic. Thank you for sharing your grandfather’s story with us.

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