Author: Inez


July 10th 2057, 

Screaming, yelling coming from behind me but I keep running. 

The wind howling like the banshees.

Zombies falling out of the sky, trying to capture people to kill them slowing in front of their families. 

Praying and praying to stay safe but then I come across a little boy crying.

“It’s okay boy where’s your mom ?”… Growls are coming from the boy.

I start running again hoping to find shelter but there’s nothing on site. I keep running and running to the point where I was lost. I got sleepy and laid down. No blanket, no food, no …. anything, just cold wet grass. 

Next morning I woke up to being dragged by a zombie but I was too weak to fight back. “Fight back, come on, you can do this,” I say to myself. So I started kicking and screaming and eventually I got free and started running. I keep running and running. 

I thought running for almost two hours would be the death of me but that was the least of my worries. I’m still running and I end up running off a cliff. I didn’t see it. I see my life flash before me in a matter of seconds. Life is a gamble I think to myself on the way down. We all die eventually.