1. Caileigh 2 weeks ago

    I like the way you used metaphors to describe the “zombies” and the way running feels to you. I would have liked if you had described the little boy a little bit more. This post has made me think of running in a new way (especially running when you have nowhere to go). I feel as though this poem was written as a description of your life (running through life) and how you never know when it’ll end. Was that what you were trying to portray?

  2. Madram ahmed 2 weeks ago

    Dear Inez,
    i think due to the fact of how you used the metaphor about the zombies falling from the sky and chasing you was very good to keep a person running keeping them from stopping. The fact that you used zombies as an example to to keep us running and if we try to stop we know what the results would . it is a motivated story that keeps people running and keeps them thinking why they are running. you used the word zombie to give them a reason to why they are running and so they could run faster.


  3. Gerardo 2 weeks ago

    Dear Inez,

    I loved your story and I agree with you that if you are confronted with a difficult time you have to pull through and go on. Also, the way you describe running is very intriguing because you describe even though you are tired and your legs are about to fall off you keep going and In my opinion that is very inspirational. Also one sentence that stood out to me was “I thought running for almost two hours would be the death of me but that was the least of my worries.” What this is for me is never give up in a difficult time even though time was about to be out for you. I really enjoyed reading your short story I hope you can write another interesting story soon.


  4. Morgan 3 weeks ago

    Dear Inez, I think the way you describe running is really interesting.You use running to find a place you want but there isn’t any.I like how you use zombies just so you have a reason to run and keep going.The ay you run is a very unique way you imagine zombies so you can push yourself even further than you would expect yourself to run.

  5. andres 1 month ago

    dear , Civic Engagement & Social Justice, Showcase, I think it is very cool how you used the metaphor of keeping running from the problems and still end up dying in the end.I like how u said in the end that eventually we all die so why try and rush it running from problems.
    the one sentenced that stood out for me was that “I see my life flash before me in a matter of seconds. i think that this is very interesting that you said that because in the sense that you are running from these obstacles life will go by really fast.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on life i thought it was pretty cool. i look forward to seeing more of your stories.

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