Dear Oakland Teenagers who want to make a change in gun violence in the community.

We are writing to you because we want you to know about gun violence in Oakland. We hope that after reading this letter you help the community in fighting gun violence. 

According to our research, gun violence is a problem.

The first problem is that gun laws are not strict enough. I say we should make a law where if you own a gun you could only use it if it’s a life or death situation. Or if we could only have it at surden age. I say these should be turned into a law and if they don’t follow it they should be arrested.

The second problem is the community does not have enough programs to stop gun violence. This shows how we can make more programs for people who were in any actions of gun violence and that the more people join the programs less harm of gun violence they will be. This will also help people get their mindset to the correct path if we had more programs about gun violence since people who are part of gun violence they get bad habits and their minds will be with horrible flashbacks.

Thirdly, the people being harmed or oppressed by gun violence are those who are unexpectedly shot. The shooter benefits from this harm because he/she enjoys it. The level of oppression is institutional because it involves people breaking the law. People that cause harm have made the issue worse because they don’t agree and follow the law.

The community was surveyed about Gun Violence to find out what they knew. We surveyed because of our  school or family members. The number of surveys was 15.

Based on the surveys data it shows that people said that gun violence has  increased by a lot and decreased.

Figure #1:It is titled `people who were involved in gun violence ” It shows that many people who were not part of gun violence which is good because many people who were part of gun violence got a lot of trouble on their mental state but since many were not part of this violence it shows good health on the community. Another fact is that many people will feel more safe out then there will be more interactions and people won’t have to feel danger anymore. This also shows good things since the graph shows us how less people are not part of any bad habits.

Figure #2: The Graph shows how gun violence has increased a lot mostly because of death rates going up. Also that but because everyone nowadays is trying to act hard or have it because they think it makes them cool. But we could change this by making guns harder to sell and stop selling it to young people. 

Figure #3It is clear from the graphs that making guns harder to buy and by using them for emergencies only. Gun violence will decrease if we make this a law or if they just stop selling guns to people.

Based on the Survey and Research as we need to educate people about the issue of gun violence and how they can push the community to make the violence stop. 

Aim 1: Educate

What we’re going to do to advocate and spread the information is make more surveys to get info and make changes to the community.The steps we will take are getting the surveys ready so we can send it to people or family so we can get their opinion.The obstacle we expect are people probably refusing the survey.

My second aim is to make big and small flyers that we can hand out and post up around school or outside of school with information.The steps we will take will be getting a lot of paper so she can do the flyers.An obstacle we will face is people ripping off our posters.

My third aim will be making a lot of billboards and youtube ad’s so people can see them and advocate.First I will make a contract with youtube so I broadcast my message across screens.


We would know if we were successful if we see more students spreading the need for more gun laws, community interventions, and true gun violence statistics. 

Thank you for listening. Are you willing to help now? Can we count on you?

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  1. Antonio M Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    I like you your story about gun violence but I would like to know why did you want to wtit about that. Did someone in your family got shot or a close friend?

  2. Kheriya 2 months ago

    Dear, Robert i am touched by this and all your data. I know gun violence can be frustrating and sad. I love how you took the effort to make a post about it and your thoughts on this. You did good. I look forward to seeing your future posts.

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