Dearest Oakland,

Don’t you detest when you encounter an awful driver that makes you end up in the medical clinic because of a fender bender? Well I do! Indeed we can change that just by connecting for help. Did you know that about 1.35 million individuals pass on every year as a result of auto collisions, implying that around 3,700 individuals perish each day because of a fender bender or a tire pop in the middle of a freeway ( Luckily, there are a huge amount of assets and protections for individuals who are in a comparative circumstance. A few people may not know where to search, that is why we will be educating our community and other different communities around the world who are in a similar circumstance to ensure everybody is protected. Individuals need to remain safe and drive securely and that is the reason I’m here to give you the reasons why these accidents are very hazardous and ought to be dealt with like some other huge issue. Based on research and data being collected, individuals need to be educated about car accidents so that they can know the dangers, know how to keep them from occurring and know any kind of assistance they can get. 

One reason why individuals need to be educated about car accidents is so that they could know the various risks and wounds from it. There are a great deal of thoughtless, alcoholic, speed drivers out and about that could undoubtedly hit you and could ensure you end up in a hospital. These accidents create an interpersonal issue, interactions between individuals where they use abusive conduct and are being put-down brutality, not only does this issue influence the human body to get hurt, it also deconstructs the environment. Adam S. Kutner, a lawyer, wrote an article with colleagues to disclose to individuals around the world about the various kinds of wounds that could occur during and after the mishap. The author states, “The damage that could occur in a car accident is… Whiplash, scratches and cuts, head wounds, broken ribs or other broken bones, herniated plate, knee injury, post-awful pressure issue (PTSD), or different sorts of mental torment like guilt…” (Kutner). What Kutner is explaining to us is fender benders aren’t only a couple of physical harms to a great extent and you’re done; no way! There is much more to this issue. For instance, individuals could get injuries; possibly not having any desire to step inside a vehicle. Perhaps it’s guilt, that they were the “thoughtless, drunk driver” and they didn’t have any intention to hit the other individual. You never know how these individuals are suffering, but it’s always best to know what we can do to help and give it a try.

Not only do we have to know the dangers, we should enlighten ourselves with knowledge by learning how to prevent these accidents from occurring. Once more, there are a huge amount of awful and thoughtless drivers and our main responsibility is to help keep them from occurring. There are a huge amount of assets to contact. For example, there are therapists/couclining, protections, hotlines, and loads of clinical facilities sitting tight for you to connect for help. When you find support from these assets, there is no doubt that you will be driving more securely and with confidence. There are different sorts of transportations to use for example, on this chart it shows various kinds of transportation individuals use if they don’t have access to a car. 

As you can see, this chart outlines the percentage rates of what number of individuals walk (purple) or individuals who use the bus (yellow) or individuals who use bart (green) or other types of transportation (light blue). 

Despite the fact that, using various kinds of transportation could reduce the number of car accidents happening but it could also be dangerous. For instance, envision yourself celebrating and drinking and having a ton of fun. You decide that you need to head home, however you’re frightened to use uber/lyft or drive under the influence of alcohol. Next time you come across a party make sure you drink an average amount and not a bottle or two; ensure you have a trusted friend with you who you know isn’t the drinking type to make sure they take you back home safely.

Since we have talked about the threats and approaches to keep these mishaps from occurring, there are positive outcomes that occur. For instance, individuals who have gotten into an auto crash can become more open minded and look for help. Therapists, medical caretakers, lawyers and counselors gain cash in view of the work they do to assist people like you to ensure you are well. Once we quit causing car accidents then the world/environment will be a safer place for people to be around; it will be healthier and more beneficial. Everyone benefits from this situation and will create new habits to end these accidents from occuring in the future. 

In order to make a difference we collected data, so we surveyed the Oakland community and got 71 responses. Mercury News, an article that reports activity in the Bay Area, stated that… “Since 2010-2016 the falta car crashes have increased up to 43%.” ( There could be a variety of reasons why this has happened for example, underage driving, drunk driving, speed driving etc. But sometimes it’s not every person who gets into a car accident, there are different groups of people who are more or least likely to get into an accident.

This chart illustrates the different groups of people who we surveyed (females, males, non binary) who have been in a car accident (purple) and who haven’t (yellow). 
This graph visually shows us how many people believe underage driving is (purple) a common reason why there are car accidents occurring or not (white).
As you can see, this pie chart states the percentages of the people who either believe speed driving is (orange)  or isn’t (pink) a big issue. 22.5% of people aren’t sure (blue). 

Based on our data collected from our community, it is clear that the Oakland Community needs to educate themselves about this mishaps happening in order to reduce the amount of accidents occuring. As an upstander, I will make sure to educate different communities to ensure they understand what these accidents are, what dangers does this have on them, and how they could prevent car accidents from happening.

Aim #1 Virtual: Educate Different Communities on the Importance of Stating their Needs and Introducing Different Resources.   

The amount of car accidents happening daily 3,700 ( is incredibly important to pay attention to because by knowing the number we can learn different ways to decrease the number and improve our driving habits and create a healthier environment. To make this goal achievable I will be creating an Instagram page; I will post different information relevant to the topic, any other questions the community might have and different resources they may need in order to recover. I could also try to get permission to upload interviews for anyone who needs help getting through this tough time. For supplies, we will need a cellular phone to download the Instagram app and create a new page. A challenge might be not getting enough attention and people not taking it seriously. Therefore, this action will have no cost because the app is free and I won’t be paying to advertise the information.

Aim #2 if Shelter in Place Ends: Hosting a Seminar to Educate the Oakland Community about the Dangers and Preventions.

Sure car accidents cause a few scratches and injuries here and there but why get them when we can learn how to prevent them! If shelter in place were to end I would host a seminar, a conference/meeting, to discuss the different dangers and affects could this type of accident but also give them tips of different ways how to prevent them from happening. For supplies I will need to recruit people to help pull this seminar together and make it happen. There will also be no cost to this plan, the seminar is free and welcomed to anyone in the community to come and learn although the only thing we will be purchasing is candy for anyone who came to the meeting. Our challenge might be recruiting people who are willing to join this event but by individuals coming to this meeting, they will learn a ton and leave feeling empowered and open minded. 

Aim #3 If I had no limitations (unlimited funding and access): Create a Hotline to Keep Oakland Safe and add more Speed Meters on the Streets.

Because of our greatest obstacle being nobody listening and breaking the rules, I will be creating a hotline in which people on the streets report any suspicious, lawbreaking road activity. By making this hotline I could be making a change by making individuals make new driving habits and create a healthier, safer community. Now for the speed meters, I think it would be best if we don’t just add them close to the freeways because not only do accidents happen there but they happen on neighborhood streets so if we were to add them there than we would know how fast these vehicles are going to detect any suspiciously fast driving. For our supplies, we will need a course speed meter, and also people to help me run my hotline. Some challenges we may have are people not taking this action seriously and doing what they want but by making this plan a reality, we will be changing how things are on the streets; safer, steady, and easier. 

We plan to measure our goals by, for instance, the Instagram page I created so we could check how much interaction we’ve gotten at least daily. For the seminar meeting, we will measure out data by seeing how many people came to our meeting, we will create a chart for them to fill out their name(s) just to know who came. For the speed meter and hotline, we will know how much people call the hotline or pass the speed limit, the less the better.

Oakland, thank you so much for listening to our proposal, and we hope you make a change soon by driving, safe and with ease. Make sure to follow my Instagram page, @caraccidents.comm. #stopcaraccidents  #we’reinthistogether #Oakland #makeachangeNOW.

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