At first, everyone treated the idea of a pandemic as a joke, treated the very idea of Coronavirus as a joke, when in fact it was then and is now, very real. We think that it isn’t serious because it has not affected most of us in some direct way and that just simply isn’t true. It frustrates me to no end to see that there are some people out there who are not staying home as much as they possibly can, people who are protesting the virus, and those not wearing masks and gloves when they do need to go to stores and things like that because just because it hasn’t affected them yet, does not mean that it won’t.

But it is affecting me, my classmates, and seniors all across the country. This pandemic has taken away what was supposed to be, up to this point, the greatest and most important day in our lives. Our high school graduation. I am angry, heartbroken, torn, and mourning these last 3 months of my life that I haven’t been able to take part in the rituals of each of the graduating classes before me. I would give up Chick-fil-a for the rest of my life just to have a normal graduation ceremony, and that’s saying something. I feel like my life has just ripped up from its place like some kid’s unfortunate attempt at the magic trick where they try to rip the table cloth off the table without making a huge mess except they make a huge mess and everything is just terrible. So yeah, this just sucks and everyone wants to make the best out of it. But sometimes it is ok to just be sad about the whole situation too, I am so extremely and incredibly sad right now. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things I haven’t learned from this time though, there are quite a few.

What I have learned from this pandemic is that life just is not fair. We don’t always get what we want and sometimes life takes more than it should, it throws an illegal punch your way, tosses you across the gym like a flagrant 2 foul but the ref didn’t call anything. Life isn’t always going to be butterflies and rainbows all the time, but that’s ok, some good things have come out of all this madness too! I have gotten to spend so much more time with my family and my dog. When real school was going on I was always so busy and never really had a chance to spend more than an hour with them at dinner. Now, they are truly all my best friends and I am so happy this time has brought us closer together. I have learned that family is so important during times of crisis because they are the ones who know you best and can help you feel like things can be ok. So even though things suck right now, they are trying to help me see the bright side in all of this, and I hope you can too.

Moving forward I hope that none of this ever happens to anyone ever again. It is a horrible thing to have to experience. But, I am hoping that if something like this does happen, the Class of 2020’s example of strength and perseverance during this time now, can offer a kind of light to those who are struggling in the future.


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