It is no question that we are living in a strange and difficult time right now. For the past 3 months, our whole lives have been put on pause, and the whole world has seemed to shut down. For many of us seniors, we will not get to experience the things that we have worked hard for four years to reach. Graduation, senior farewell, senior trips, and many other things. For the class of 2020, senior year will come to a quiet close. No special parties, no huge events or big hurrah, just a simple ending with a very little closure. It can be easy for us to get discouraged because of this. Many people are feeling rather down about the whole situation, and I mean, I can’t blame you. This is hard… very hard. That said I think we have to options going forward into summer, we can focus on what we can’t have, or we can make the most of what we do have.

Obviously this is going to be very hard, and there will definitely be days where all we can do is think of all the things that we are missing out on. That said, as long as we can try to put ourselves in a mindset in which we focus on what we still have, we will have better days. This is how I have been able to get through the situation thus far, and it has been working very well. I have acknowledged the things I have lost, but it doing so recognized that I have a ton more time to work on new skills. I have spent this time to learn a bunch of new things. And given the fact that we are living in 2020, we have access to a plethora of online years to help teach us. I currently am learning to build a computer, teaching myself new flips, and I am beginning to get better at juggling sticks. Sure, most of these skills are completely pointless in the grand scheme of things, but I have been able to learn plenty of fun new things to keep me occupied during the quarantine. Because of this I have been unable to even spend the time necessary to sit around and feel bad about the things I am missing out on.

And so I encourage everyone, try to focus on the things you still have. Use the extra time you have been given to learn something that you have always wanted to learn, but just hadn’t had the time. It could be anything: drawing, juggling, writing, a new yo yo trick, the possibilities are endless. Taking advantage of the things we have, such as time to learn, time to spend with family, and access to so many online resources will not fix the issue or cure the world from the pandemic, but it just might make this whole experience a little bit easier.

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  1. Dominic 3 months ago

    I think your mindset of focusing on what we can do instead of what we can’t do is key to getting through these tough times. We can spend all day thinking about what we’re missing out on, but the only thing we can control in this situation is our outlook on it. I like that you’re learning to build a computer because I built one a few years ago and it was an awesome experience, plus once it’s built it’s gonna be a great way to kill time. I could definitely be doing more exciting things like learning cool flips and juggling, but instead I’ve found myself playing a lot of video games. It’s nice because quarantine is a great excuse to sit inside and play Xbox for hours on end because I’m social distancing. I definitely could be learning more useful skills because like you said there are countless online resources available, but as long as what I’m doing is keeping me happy I think that’s all that matters.

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