I always expected this end of the school year to feel different, but this was because it’s the year I graduate. But now, it feels different because we’re not even at school.

At first, school was canceled for two weeks. I wasn’t too upset about it, and felt like it might actually be nice to learn from home for a while. It was a little hard to adjust to working from home, but it wasn’t terrible. I had a lot more free time and didn’t feel as stressed as I usually did at school. But the number of cases within the state and country kept rising, and after the first week or so of home school, most of us started to figure that we would probably never go back to school.

And even though we assumed we would never go back, it hit a little different when the diocese confirmed that the school year would not resume over Easter break. After that, home school didn’t really seem so nice anymore. Up until then we all had some level of hope that we would get to go back to actual classes at one point, and that’s what really kept most of us going. But once the news of school being canceled was confirmed, it was like all motivation toward school work disappeared.

I know I’m not the only one who used to think it would be great to stay home everyday instead of going to school. And now that that wish has finally come true, I realize how stupid of a wish it really was. I don’t mind the working from home part of it so much, that’s not what I miss about school, and I assume it’s not what most people miss. What I miss about school is the people I got to see everyday. I no longer can see my friends, can’t participate in sports, and can’t get the traditional end of senior year experience.

But like with all things, there is a bright side of this whole thing. It may not outshine the pandemic, but it is there. For me, that bright side is getting to spend more time with my family. When school and sports were going on, I really never had a lot of time to grow closer to the people living under the same roof as me. We never used to have dinner as a family, and now we get to have that every night. I’ve discovered that spending time with my family can be just as fun as going out with friends, and I’m glad that I have gotten that out of this whole thing. So at least there are some things that I can be happy about during this odd time.

We’re living through a defining moment in the history of this world. This pandemic has affected each and every person on the face of the earth, some in worse ways than others. But this is a good time to try to find the good in life that is still here. For me that’s family time. It’s hard to try to not focus on the negative that’s going on, but what’s going to keep us moving forward is staying positive.


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