The class of 2020 is going to be walking across the stage…alone. We are not going to be able to graduate together, and be with each other as we close this chapter of our lives. We have waited for this moment for four years, maybe even more. We got to watch the senior classes before us get their moment, and when it was finally our turn–it got ripped away from us. All those years of studying, working hard in school, making memories, only to be cut off with an unofficial ceremony. Everything we have worked towards has been for this moment and to go to college. Many people say they don’t even remember their high school graduations, but at least they still have those pictures, diplomas, and faint little memories to gaze upon. It is hard to think about how we may never see our classmates again. After all these years spent together, we don’t get to finish it together. Another monumental thing in our lives is our first semester of college, and we may not even get to have that either. These current events are frustrating because there is only so much the individual can do. It takes everybody to make a difference and to help make things better. 

Our graduation is set to be online. We have to walk into an empty auditorium, walk across the stage by ourselves, receive our diplomas, turn our tassels, throw our hats, then walk off all alone. It’s a hard thing to go through. This is the moment we have been waiting for and this is how it comes to an end. It was hard to come to terms with it, but there’s nothing we can do. Instead I’ve used this time to be thankful for the positives in my life. I am very thankful and fortunate that no one I know has gotten ill from the virus yet. I am also very lucky to be where I am because I know that many families have been hit very hard during this time. 

I have been trying to be more happy rather than sad recently. I realized that being sad will not/can not change the events at hand. What is important is to remember all the good things that happened during my high school experience. The events that have transpired this year have certainly been unfortunate and unpredictable, but at least we’ll have a cool story to tell in the future. Congratulations to everyone from the class of 2020!


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