Time is an odd thing. Every hour is something I have to fill and everyday I something I have to get through. But then I realize its been two months and the end of being a teenager are almost done. My life is starting now. I am starting to make decisions on my own that will affect my future in tremendous ways. I realized how many things I have to do by myself and need to figure out; bank accounts, social security, and medical decisions. It was the little things that made me feel older, the changing of passwords from my parents to mine, signing up for college, talking about my future and moving to another state without my parents. It is the start of my adventure and becoming a part of society as an adult.

COVID has given me the time to reflect. I have made some bad decisions, some good ones, but I think I have grown as a person. I feel like I learned from the bad decisions and I found out who I want to be. Judge has given me the access to find myself; who I want to be and who I don’t want to become. I feel so much gratification for the people that pushed me to be here. I have had so much love and support through my path to become 18, whether it be my parents who were always in my corner, or my aunts and uncles who were there to support me through my competition and performances, or my friends who were the only reason I graduated. This is definitely not how I imagined the end of my senior year was going to end. And although it makes me sad, I know there is nothing we could’ve done to bring our senior year back. Sometimes you just have to accept the circumstances and move on. Then the hard part is to create new goals to improve yourself as a person in these hard times.




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