The graduating class of 2020 is definitely one for the books. Not only did Covid-19 decide to join us, but so did earthquakes and then Murder Hornets and the pentagon confirming that UFOs are real! What else is next I wonder?

With all the excitement that has been happening, it’s hard to believe that we are all coming out of this alive and with passing grades in the first place. However, despite the excitement I think this is a year we will all miss. Not in terms of the virus and hornets, but in terms of our last year of highschool. Our graduation may not be typical, in fact it is far from anything typical, but it’s unique just like the class of 2020. We began our lives coming into the world with 9/11 and we end high school during the CoronaVirus. If that isn’t coming in with a bang and going out with a bang i’m not sure what is.

Having to end the physical school year early has taught me, and probably others as well, to live in the moment and not take anything for granted because it can all end at an abrupt stop when you least expect it. I never thought I would be leaving high school without saying goodbye to all my friends and teachers face to face. Yet here we are, doing virtual graduation, having digital yearbook signing, which I’m still not sure how that works but I guess i’ll find out when the time comes, and leaving the administration and my teachers emails or comments on their surveys about their teaching about how I appreciate them and how I will miss their classes. This definitely wasn’t how any of us wanted to say goodbye, but the class of 2020 is a class of troopers and we are coming out of this stronger than ever.


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