Ramadan is a month of Muslims’ calendar which all adult Muslims who can have to fast from sunrise to sunset during this month. How they fast during the CoronaViros? Every year Ramadan enters with different weather. Therefore, the crisis is happing today is difficult. Comparing to the past years is hard by the way we became close to god, like going to the Mosque or reading the Quran with the family, but now we should have a social distance. However, the internet, social media helps a lot to be connecting with each other. This shows the COVID-19 teaches us as humans to use the internet for positive situations. For example, online classes, family meetings, and taking online lectures. 

Comparing to five years ago Ramadan was during summer which making the person getting thirsty. Still, was my favorite as thirteen years old. I was in Yemen, every time after breaking the fast I and my brother go to pray at the Mosque at the top of the mountain in Taiz City. There was a big window with a view of the city the air was cool up there. After completing the prayer we go to get some ice cream, and this is every day during the month. 

By the way during this experience, I feel the COID-19 crises make us think about moments we have done it before and think about it how free we were. The moment we enjoy it without giving it back or payback to our life. These moments have a story and we are learning from these stories. 

  1. Tiffany 3 months ago

    Hi! It’s crazy to read and hear about how the virus is affecting so many people and religions. In all honestly, when this first began, I was so excited because no school, but after a few weeks passed, I started realizing how bad this is affecting everyone. But like you said, this situation has made us focus on the positives of the Internet and focus on the memories we’ve made before this happened.

  2. Tomas 3 months ago

    Ishak, I completely agree with you. I think this virus has really changed the world in so many ways. To hear that your religion was affected is truly saddening. Many large events are being altered, and there is nothing we can do to fix it. We can only make the best of the situation at hand. In my religion class, we actually read about how Ramadan was being affected by COVID-19, here’s the link: https://religionnews.com/2020/04/23/during-ramadan-in-quarantine-muslims-get-creative-to-preserve-community/. It talks about how people are dealing with it. By setting up zoom meetings, using social media, or even mailing things to each other, the interaction can be felt in a way. I know Ramadan is very much based on the idea of community, and without it, I bet it is hard. It is like you are just going through the motions in a way, and not fully experiences Ramadan. However, the virus has made us manage the times differently. I know that you have been able to adapt with the situation, and the internet and social media, as you said, really helps. Finally, I agree with your statement that this virus makes us think about our blessings and helps us realize that we must cherish the time we have before our lives can be changed like they have now. I think this piece was very good, and I applaud you for working through Ramadan to the best of your abilities. I loved hearing about your experience in past years, it seems like a very influential moment in your life. Hopefully you make it through Ramadan, and I hope to hear about your experience, and what you did to adapt. Stay safe!

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