In the article, ¨A Poem of Mexico¨I learned of how beauty behind Mexico, its unity in family and its love for peace and quiet, a type of getaway. Mexico has many of their own in foreign places there are those of us who are able to travel and those of us that can’t for obvious reason but we all came here for a reason for most its family we start here but what about the ones we leave behind. Yes it’s a sacrifice we endure. We leave brothers and sister, mothers and fathers for hopes of a better life in a place were our beauty maybe unwanted by some.

We are beautiful no matter where you’re from from down south, east, north, west, or anywhere in between. Here are there. It doesn’t matter. this poem shows the beauty of Mexico, of the yearn to see family but beauty is everywhere no matter where a person is from.

Photo: mexico by LULU SALCIDO ROCK / LULU MCINTIRE on 2007-08-24 13:23:05

  1. Deysi 3 months ago

    Dear Yadira,

    Me emociono mucho tu post, “A Poem of Mexico Response” porque me recordo a mi querido El Salvador. Hace un año que lo deje pero, nunca he olvidado de donde soy y de lo orgullosa que me siento.

    Una frase que escribiste que se destaca para mi es “learned of how beauty behind Mexico, its unity in family and its love for peace and quiet” cada país tiene sus defectos, pero no los tiene porque deve si no porque nosotros mismos nos encargamos de destruir a cada paso que damos, pero cada quien ve su país diferente y se basa en lo que tenemos, si tienes tu familia completa, un techo y como sobrevivir te sentirás bien donde estas, pero siempre hay personas que dejan su país no porque quieran, sino porque quieren seguir disfrutando de eso mismo.

    Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque me parece interesante como ves tu país. Y a ti, si te gusta tu país?


  2. Maria 3 months ago

    Dear Yadira
    I am surprised by your poem “¨A Poem of Mexico¨ because it shows how beautiful Mexico is and talks about the places there are.
      A phrase that you highlight for me is “We are beautiful no matter where you’re from down south, east, north, west, or anywhere in between. Here are there” I think this is truly true because in reality it does not matter where let’s come the important thing is to show us the respect not dependent on our origins

    Thanks for your writing I hope to continue looking at what you write below because your publication seemed very interesting to me.

  3. Casey 4 months ago

    Yadira nice post! It is amazing to hear how beautiful a poem truly is. It is something everyone can cherish. Your article is fantastic however, I would love to have read more content about this! Nice job overall!

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