The Coronavirus has changed our lives and how we live out our days. Social distancing and isolation is key to stop the spread. Many deaths have already occured because of this pandemic and people are yet to take it seriously. In the U.S currently there has already been 11 thousand deaths and the peak has not fully hit yet. 

People may be sick from 1-14 days before the virus shows any symptoms. This is scary because of how many people could be sick without knowing and spreading it to many other people. The most common symptoms include, fever, tiredness, and difficulty breathing in severe cases. These symptoms are similar to the common cold and flu.

If this Pandemic is not taken seriously, we could be in for a long period of quarantine. As a senior in high school, many of the opportunities and experiences that other classes get will be missing from my life. I would like to resume class and senior events as soon as possible. But unless everyone can follow the protocols, it won’t happen. This virus has had profound impacts on not just us in America but within the world and everyone should be educated on the effects that it will have on us. 

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  1. Ronata 3 months ago

    Hey Tim,

    I find it very annoying how people have the audacity to not follow stay at home orders during quarantine like you mentioned they don’t acknowledge the severity f the situation at hand. And it is a very scary situation indeed, you could be sick and infecting people (especially if you are not staying home) and not even know about it which is so surreal but it’s happening. Rip to senior year, but we made it amidst the madness!

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