COVID-19 is the topic of talk now. As not only a state or a country is being affected by this but our entire planet is under extreme distress. The rate has not slowed down but it only continues to increase. Covid-19 began in Wuhan China where there  was a poor distribution of food products (animal based foods) and not taking the correct measurements to make sure they are clean for humans to consume. The disease was said to affect the population of China in late November. There were a normal amount of cases but what scared people most was that this disease is fatal. The situation at times has felt that it has gotten out of hand and this does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

What are the symptoms of this disease? You will appear to have fever, cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms do not seem to be the scariest thing in the world but if you have had lung problems, obesity or if you are old, this disease could kill you. It will numb you out until youb cannot breathe anymore. What makes this disease so hard for us to contain is that it is new. There are different reports and different scientific responses to how we can kill this disease but it is too new for us to findanny of that. A new report out of LifeScience stated “The coronavirus pandemic could last over 18 months”(Yasemin Saplakoglu, Life Science, 2020, Coronavirus pandemic could last over 18 months.) This disease is not only killing those who are infected but also doctors, nurses and our health care workers as they are all being overworked to death.

This could be far from over but we can make it go by a lot faster if we all stay united and be one team on this. We are depending on each other to stay home, to respect each other and stop this pandemic. The CDC states, “Avoid Close Contact”(CDC, 2020, How to Protect Yourself & Others.) Many countries have followed the guidelines of China because their rate has gone down. We have made laws to make people stay home, cancel school, close restaurants etc. I have no doubt in my mind we will get through this but the question is; when will we get through it. 


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