The US is debating on giving people $1,000 to help them support their family and to get bills and or necessities out of the way. Yes, this sounds great but where is it coming from? That money doesn’t just grow on trees that money will be taken out of the national bank, which just digs us deeper into the national debt. That will backfire with-in a couple years because all of us taxpayers will be the ones paying the debt. “We want to make sure that Americans get money in their pocket quickly,” ( The government should not be doing it, great depression 2…?

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  1. James 4 months ago

    Hey dom, nice post. I agree that it will further the national debt but I think that it supports the citizens of America and shows that America cares and wants people to survive. And also I don’t think that we will be the ones paying back the debt because only certain people in our age group qualify so I feel like it would be unjust for some to have to repay the national debt.

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