These days, I get interested in gender inequalities in the world. People who have been interested in the topic will know what kind of inequalities exist in the world such as inequalities in income and inequalities in the workforce. Lots of things have been changed as the generation goes because many people get interested in the topic today, but gender inequalities still exist in the world. Through reading the two articles about inequalities in income between men and women, I will focus on how it happens today in the world and how we can change it for the future.

According to the article, It’s Equal Pay Day, but the gender pay gap could be widening in tech, the author said: “Men were offered higher salaries than women 63% of the time for the same job title, at the same company, according to a report out Tuesday from tech recruiting platform Hired. That’s a 3 percentage point increase from last year. “ The author also said: “Equal Pay Day in the US is an annual marker representing how far into the new year women would have to work to earn the same as men in the previous year. For women of color, that day would come even later in the year.”

According to the other article, What You Need To Know About The Gender Pay Gap, the author said: “The American Association of University Women found that when you control for differences between men and women of occupation, college major, and length of time in the workplace, the gap reduces to just $0.07 on the dollar.” The author also said: “Women everywhere should be rejoicing that the gender pay gap isn’t real and that we are all fully empowered beings capable of going out and getting exactly what we want!”

I learned that gender gap pay still exists in the world today but it is reducing because many women realized that this is not right and they are trying to change the world for the future. With their efforts, women will get the same pay as men someday. I hope that many people get interested in this topic and try to be on their side so that women can get their right to the same wage as men.




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