With the Initiation of the corona virus in the world, we have all been pretty much at a stand still. Governments have shut down everything pretty much, most countries advise their civilians to stay indoors and not go outside unless they absolutely need to, while other countries have basically shut off everything. This is a thing that our generations have not seen before which means that everybody is very concerned about their futures. While some countries believe to have the Virus mostly under control, others do not which means that many are questioning how long this will go on and how they are going to survive. 

One thing that we need to be cautious of in the future is when quarantine ends and people start going back outside, while the government might have already cleared people to go back out side people still need to be cautious of being in big groups because while you might be all right to go outside, it does not mean the virus is gone, you will still have a very big risk factor if you are around many other people. This could potentially lead to a bigger outbreak in the virus in the US then there is right now.

Another large risk factor is the fact that even if we might be able to find a vaccine, the government will likely test it but they will give it out to the public quicker then they should and likely this could lead to more sickness because they dont 100% know when the vaccine has for side effects or for people with different physical conditions. The only way they can make sure it is safe is by doing more and more tests over the next few months which could leave us stuck in Quarantine for a lot longer than we initially expected

  1. Riley 4 months ago

    Hi alex! I 100% agree with what you have said. I think that what you are saying is a real issue because of the unknown factor that is coming with this new virus. The thing that worries people the most is how the virus mght be able to mutate in the future causing it to kill more and more people without us tracking it. This is a very interesting topic you have chosen and I can’t wait to see what might happen within the next couple of months!


  2. Paula 4 months ago

    Hi Alex,
    I agree with the fact that people need to be cautious even if the governme nt gives us the permission to go outside. One of the main ways of us being cautious is by washing our hands, so I thought this might interest you. https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/when-how-handwashing.html
    Hope to read more from you.
    SIncerely, Paula

  3. Honam 4 months ago

    Hi Alex, I agree with your idea that vaccines should be tested. Many vaccines have side effects that could be lethal to some people. We should be more careful about when to give vaccines to the public. https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/vaccine-side-effects-and-adverse-events

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