This article talks about everything that we need to know about the coronavirus in Utah. But perhaps one of the biggest things that stood out to me, was that Utah as a whole was not giving out tests to people who think that they have the virus. They are only giving tests to those who “have been in direct contact with a confirmed case, or if they came back from a country where the coronavirus is present”. This is a problem because people can still get the virus even if they haven’t knowingly been in direct contact with another patient. Because the coronavirus has a 14-day incubation period, it is hard to tell how you got the virus or even if you have the virus. So with the lack of testing, there are a lot of people not getting tested and possibly spreading it to others. 

Early testing is crucial in containing the spread of the coronavirus. If you get tested early you would have less of a chance of spreading it to others. But, I understand that you can not just test everyone. There are just not enough supplies to test everyone who think they have the virus. According to this article, “If we had all the resources in the world and could wave a magic wand, we would be happy to test these people, but they’re not there, so I’m afraid we’re having to prioritize”. I guess one of my big questions is how do we get enough supplies? The demand is so high for these tests that the manufacturers can not keep up. How can you keep up?

The coronavirus has affected many families and communities in just a couple of weeks. Testing kits are very limited so people can’t go and get tested. The best thing to do is to stay at home. By staying home you are eliminating the chance of you getting the virus and putting other people out of danger. If everyone stayed home (except for essential workers) then we could slow down the curve of this virus. With lack of testing, it is hard to know who has it or doesn’t. So it is essential to stay home.

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  1. Anthony 4 months ago

    I read some of the main points to this article and I also found it fascinating how they were not giving tests to people who believe they had the disease. Although I believe that has changed because they have given Utah more tests, I feel everyone has the right to be tested because as you said they could be passing it to others. Great article and topic.

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